Welcome to the WasteDataFlow website

What is WasteDataFlow?

WasteDataFlow is the web based system for municipal waste data reporting by UK local authorities to government. The system went live on 30 April 2004. If you are a local authority and have not yet registered please Contact us.

The aim is to gradually replace the various and often repetitive waste questionnaires issued to local authorities by government, departments, agencies, institutions and organisations with one essential data set. WasteDataFlow has replaced the current Defra Municipal Waste Management Survey in England and similar surveys in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

WasteDataFlow is designed for local authorities:

  • to allow faster and more accurate data collection of municipal waste statistics, more regularly and efficiently;
  • to enhance their local data management for reporting and strategic planning purposes;
  • to offer them streamlined access to performance benchmarking with other authorities; and

WasteDataFlow will allow government:

  • to monitor progress towards national and local targets;
  • to produce National Statistics on municipal waste;
  • in particular to enable local authorities to meet the requirement to report quarterly data to the Monitoring authority under Landfill Allowances Schemes regulations;
  • to monitor progress towards national and local targets;
  • to provide an evidence base to guide government policy.

How can I obtain data?

Information entered by local authorities to the individual questions in WasteDataFlow can be downloaded by the general public. Questions are completed quarterly and the data are made available to the public once this information has been validated by the WasteDataFlow team and the Environment Agency. To register for public access to data downloads click the Data Manager menu.

Each of the UK countries produce national statistics from the WasteDataFlow data and these are available from each departments website:

Defra Waste stats
Welsh Government - StatsWales
Northern Ireland Environment Agency
Scottish Environment Protection Agency

WRAP combine WasteDataFlow outputs with data around waste and recycling schemes in their Local Authority Waste and Recycling Portal – see laportal.wrap.org.uk to register and log in to the site.
For English Local Authorities, zip files containing the full annual data submission to WDF for the years 2005-6 to 2011-12 can be downloaded from Data.Gov.UK