Local Authority User Tips

Regional Guidance:
Region-specific guidance on the use of the WasteDataFlow system can be found at the following links: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales.

Fly-Tipping Module Guidance:
Guidance on the use of the Fly-Tipping Module is available here.

Question Help:
Many questions show a question mark button in the top right which will give you more information about the expected information for that question. For Question 100, please see the relevant guidance for your nation: England , Scotland or Wales (Question 100 is not completed by Northern Ireland).

National Waste Statistics:
Information reported by local authorities in WasteDataFlow can be used in a variety of ways, and feeds into central government’s production of related statistics. UK statistics on waste can be found here.

Related News:
News items relating to WasteDataFlow, including minutes of User Group meetings, can be found here.

Training Sessions for English local authorities:
We run a number of online training courses for users from local authorities in England. For information on upcoming sessions please see here. Copies of the slides for these sessions can be accessed on our guidance page here.

Save Time, Reduce Errors?:
You can load comments, and non-tonnage data, from previous months; you could enter data with the XML uploader. For guidance on the XML uploader, please see here.

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